James Carter Road Industrial Estate


Client: West Suffolk Council



Value: £150’000.00+

Project: We were awarded this project after Wasp Civil’s experience with working alongside the client, and advising on the best specification for the best results and durability for the long term.

The total area was 5500 square meters of concrete bays that needed the joints treated prior to the surface dressing of asphalt. We consulted with a supplier who advised us to install Glass tech membrane over the joints of the bays. We had to excavate the old expansion joints from the bays and we filled the voids with kiln dried sand, which would allow the concrete to expand when it is warmed.

Once the joints in the concrete were treated, we had all the ironwork lids, chambers and inspection covers to uplift by 40mm so the new asphalt would sit even with new levels.

We also renewed all the ACO drainage system as the old system was very frail and weak. We consulted with the customers of our clients (5500 m2 is a very big area to manage with parked cars on site). We finally finished the surfacing over three days and our contractors Highline Roadmarking Ltd did a great job marking out all the new parking bay positions.

Contract start date: 5th November 2018

Completion date: 28th January 2019


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